Tigerbark ambush (Ficus microcarpa)

I just learned that a group of tigers is called an ‘ambush’ or a ‘streak’, hence the name of today’s post. These 35 tigerbark ficus all originated as clippings from the mother tree in the blue pot on the left in the image. The developmental histories of several of these trees have their own posts on this blog. Today’s posting includes four trees that have not been posted before.
September 29, 2022:
The mother tree yesterday. For development from spring 2012 to winter 2019 (and an older version of this tigerbark ambush) see https://beginbonsai.net/2019/01/11/tiger-bark-ficus-ficus-microcarpa/ and from spring to fall 2020 see https://beginbonsai.net/2020/09/06/defoliated-ficus-microcarpa/.
September 30, 2022:
Root-over-rock tower. For development from 2015 to fall 2020 see https://beginbonsai.net/2021/10/09/tiger-bark-ficus-root-over-rock/.
September 30, 2022:
For the development of this forest from October 2014 to fall 2020 see https://beginbonsai.net/2020/10/10/tigerbark-forest-ficus-microcarpa/.
Twin trees. See https://beginbonsai.net/2020/08/22/tiger-bark-babies-ficus-microcarpa/.
Single tree. See https://beginbonsai.net/2020/01/19/tiger-bark-ficus-ficus-microcarpa-2/.
Tigerbark raft. See https://beginbonsai.net/2021/05/24/chasing-sunlight-ficus-microcarpa-raft-forest/.
Twin trees. These trees have not been previously posted.
Root-over-rock. These trees have not been previously posted.
Single tree. This tree has not been previously posted.
Single tree. This tree has not been previously posted.

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