Defoliated Ficus microcarpa

This is my original tiger bark ficus, the one tree of this species I paid for eight years ago. I now have dozens of tiger barks that began as cuttings from it. See my earlier post at for the history of this tree from March 10, 2012 to October 14, 2019.

September 6, 2020:
The tree after defoliation today. I also removed a couple of
branches. I will probably remove more branches in the future to
better define its basic structure. I have a hard time choosing branches
to prune since I like them all individually, there are just too many
of them interfering with one another.
June 2, 2020:
The tree in its previous pot at the start of this summer.
June 13, 2020:
The tree removed from its old pot.
June 13, 2020:
Soil mix of about 50% clay king (60% of which is akadama), 25% black scoria, and 25% pumice. This creates a pretty dry mix so will require watering at least once a day in summer.
June 13, 2020:
Roots spread in the new pot and soil. I will probably remove the large root at the back right side next repotting.
June 13, 2020:
The tree repotted. The pot is from Tokoname.
August 27, 2020:
The tree at the end of August.

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