Tiger-bark Ficus root-over-rock

This is a root-over rock Ficus microcarpa I have been growing from
seedlings since 2015.

October 9, 2021:
The tree today.
May 9, 2015:
One of the seedlings I started with. The roots are attached to a
rock with raffia.

May 9, 2015:
A second tree, attached to a separate rock.
May 9, 2015:
Beginning root-over rock trees in the pot that will be their new home.
Jul 11, 2015:
New growth during summer.
May 21, 2016:
Branch-pruned the following spring. Beginning the cycle.
August 6, 2016:
Summer growth.
January 14, 2017:
Roots beginning to grip the rocks at the start of a new year.
August 19, 2017:
More summer growth.
August 19, 2017:
Removed from pot, good root growth.
August 19, 2017:
Exploring different combinations of trees and rocks.
August 19, 2017:
I attached both trees to both rocks with raffia.
August 19, 2017:
Good soaking after the work.
September 19, 2017:
The redesigned tree a month later.
May 19, 2018:
Clip and grow.
February 19, 2019:
The tree the following winter with a companion privet being developed
in a similar way (see
for a description of the privet)
June 15, 2019:
Removed the raffia surrounding the exposed roots.
Jun 15, 2019:
Close-up of exposed roots.
August 15, 2020:
Continuing with clip and grow.
August 15, 2020:
Begin a new repot, retaining some branch clippings to start new trees.
August 15, 2020:
Exposed roots in new pot.
August 30, 2020:
Exposed roots protected by new soil for two weeks.
August 30, 2020:
Roots re-exposed and covered in raffia.
August 28, 2021:
The tree a month ago before removing dried, exposed feeder roots with a toothbrush.

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