Tigerbark Forest (Ficus microcarpa)

I started this forest from small clippings placed in a pot 6 years ago. I separated out some of the trees to develop as individuals along the way, but maintained a core group as a forest, wiring, pruning and repotting them into larger pots as they developed. Today I potted them up once again into a yellow Japanese pot I bought from Wigert’s nursery. They are overpotted for now, but I expect they will rapidly grow into their new space!

October 10, 2020:
The trees today.
October 25, 2014
Beginning their bonsai journey 6 years ago as a pile of cuttings.
October 28, 2015:
A year’s worth of growth.
October 16, 2016:
Two years of growth. I occasionally clipped them back in the first two years but otherwise ignored them.
May 6, 2017:
Time to start working on them.
May 6, 2017:
Tightly packed roots.
May 6, 2017:
I removed each tree from the pot and wired it.
May 6, 2017:
The wired trees back together in a new pot.
July 15, 2017:
Entering summer as a bush.
September 17, 2017:
Removed the wire. Most of the trunks bounced back into semi-straight lines.
September 23, 2017:
Rewired some of the trunks.
February 3, 2018:
April 28, 2018:
A small forest forming.
September 10, 2018:
Time for a repot. I separated some of the trees into the small terra cotta pots at the lower left.
September 10, 2018:
I left the remainder as a smaller forest.
July 3, 2019:
The following summer.
October 10, 2020:
Earlier today at the start of repotting.

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