Water jasmine (Wrightia religiosa)

On July 23 I posted a progression of a peepul tree, Ficus religiosa. This water jasmine has the same species name, indicating the high regard in which it is held in its native habitats, but it is a different genus. The water jasmine is found in tropical regions of Southeast Asia. It has a sweet fragrance and beautiful hanging flowers.

August 20, 2022:
The tree today.
July 16, 2021:
The tree the day it arrived from Wigert’s nursery a little over a year ago. Typically my tree progressions start small and get bigger over time, but this one already had a developed trunk so I removed most of its branches to make the trunk visible.
July 17, 2021:
Another view of the tree in its original styling.
July 18, 2021:
Initial branch-pruning.
July 18, 2021:
Exposed structure.
July 20, 2021:
The tree still has lots of lower branches.
March 19, 2022:
The tree lost its leaves over the winter but started budding out again in March.
April 2, 2022:
Leafing out. Time for a repot!
April 2, 2022:
Lots of roots.
April 2, 2022:
Removed about half the root mass, and removed more of the lower branches.
April 2, 2022:
Positioning the tree in a new Japanese pot from Wigert’s Bonsai.
April 2, 2022:
Tying the tree into the pot with wire.
April 2, 2022:
Potted up.
July 30, 2022:
Summer growth.
July 30, 2022:
I am calling this the front side for now.
August 14, 2022:
Flowering in August.
August 20, 2022:
The back side of the tree earlier today before the top was pruned.
August 20, 2022:
The front side of the tree today after the top was pruned.

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