Tiger bark ficus (Ficus microcarpa)

As I’ve already mentioned, I have a lot of ficus. They do
well in Southern California and I have a hard time throwing cuttings
away. This one was originally a cutting from another tree described in the
post at


January 19, 2020:
The tree today.
May 9, 2015:
Initial attachment of the tree to its rock with raffia. After removal as a
cutting from its parent it was grown for a year or two on its own in bonsai soil before this picture was taken.
June 6, 2015:
The tree after a month.
July 27, 2016:
The tree after branch-pruning a year later.
November 25, 2016:
After a second summer of growth.
April 1, 2017:
Good root growth the following spring.
April 1, 2017:
Root-pruned and repotted.
April 1, 2017:
View from the back of the tree after light branch-pruning.
July 23, 2017:
The tree with wire.
August 12, 2017:
Summer growth.
August 26, 2017:
Removed from pot.
August 26, 2017:
Preparing to repot into a shallower pot.
November 24, 2017:
On the bonsai benches in fall.
February 17, 2018:
Branch and trunk-pruned in winter.
March 30, 2018:
April 21, 2018:
More branch pruning later that spring.
July 4, 2018:
Sharing a bench with a gumbo-limbo. For a progression of the latter
tree see


July 21, 2018:
October 21, 2018:
New growth in fall.
December 15, 2018:
December pruning.
February 16, 2019:
A bit straggly at the end of winter.
April 30, 2019:
Jan 11, 2020:
The tree earlier this month before the trunk was shortened.

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