Root-over-rock privet (Ligustrum sp.)

I’m unsure of the species name of this plant, but my best guess is it is the Chinese privet, Ligustrum sinense. Privets belong to the olive family, Oleaceae. I bought its parent from Kuma Bonsai in San Diego on March 16, 2013. The parent plant died in the winter of 2018 but this sprig survived.

November 2, 2019:
The tree today.
I think this is the sprig that eventually became this root-over-rock tree.
May 9, 2015:
Attaching the tree to a rock with raffia.
May 9, 2015:
My soil mix of scoria, pumice, akadama, and organic matter from a worm farm I feed with kitchen scraps. Recently I have been using less organic material in my mix.
April 6, 2016:
The tree getting acquainted with its rock.
October 16, 2016:
The tree after two summers of growth.
March 24, 2017:
Thickening the trunk with long leaders.
April 2, 2017:
Selecting the branches.
April 29, 2017:
Less than a month of spring growth.
July 18, 2017:
Continuing the process of growing and cutting back.
September 16, 2017:
Monthly pruning. I occasionally added worm soil and other organic fertilizers to the surface of the medium.
September 30, 2017:
Two weeks of growth.
December 9, 2017:
Winter on the bonsai benches.
April 7, 2018:
April 7, 2018:
Good root growth but it hadn’t attached to the rock.
April 7, 2018:
Re-attaching the roots with raffia.
April 7, 2018:
Planted higher in the pot.
July 21, 2018:
Three month’s growth.
July 21, 2018:
Back to the clip and grow cycle.
June 15, 2019:
A year later the raffia is decomposing.
June 23, 2019:
The raffia removed.
June 26, 2019:
September 26, 2019:
The tree in the garden about five weeks ago.


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