African baobab (Adansonia digitata) from seed

This post records the development of pair of African baobabs I grew from seed over a period of nine years.

July 24, 2021:
The trees today.
February 23, 2012:
The seed packet the day it arrived. I think there were 8 seeds. I poured boiling water over then, let them soak overnight, and planted them.
April 12, 2012:
Two of the seeds germinated.

December 29, 2012:
Dormant at the end of their first year.

April 24, 2013:
Big aspirations! I had a nice pot I wasn’t using, so I repotted the trees into it in spring. This would be their home for the next seven years.
May 14, 2013:
Spring leaves, along with a forest of tomato seedlings that resulted from fertilizing with soil from a worm farm transforming kitchen scraps.
February 9, 2014:
Their second winter. The trees grew slowly their first year.
July 12, 2014:
The trees put on better growth the second year.
October 20, 2014:
A lot better.
June 1, 2015:
Waking up after a winter sleep.
October 25, 2015:
Getting ready for another winter nap. I used to bring these trees inside for the winter and store them without watering until they started budding again in spring. Lately I have been leaving them outside all winter except for the coldest nights (low 40s F) and during rainstorms (still no winter watering).
June 4, 2016:
Beginning to bud. These trees don’t really get going until July.
July 31, 2016:
July growth.
November 3, 2018:
Two years later, time for a winter nap.
July 15, 2019:
The tree waking up about two years ago.
July 19, 2020:
I wired the larger tree to accentuate its curves.
June 6, 2021:
Good root growth earlier this spring.
June 4, 2021:
Smaller tree bare-rooted.
June 4, 2021:
Larger tree bare-rooted with some roots pruned.
June 4, 2021:
The trees in their new pot, ready for another summer.

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