Willow leaf forest (Ficus salicifolia)

Today I combined three cuttings taken earlier last fall and winter from my willow-leaf ficus into a small forest planting (see https://beginbonsai.net/2020/09/07/willow-leaf-ficus-ficus-salicifolia-defoliated/ and https://beginbonsai.net/2020/05/18/willow-leaf-ficus-ficus-salicifolia/ for previous posts about the mother plant).

April 24, 2021:
The forest today.
September 5, 2020:
The largest of the trees when it was removed as a trunk from its parent.
September 5,2020:
September 5, 2020;
Secured the rootless trunk in a pot with wire.
September 5, 2020:
Pruned the branches back to give the tree a chance to establish roots.
February 27, 2021:
Three new clippings removed from the mother plant. One of these died during the winter.
February 27, 2021:
Each clipping was dipped in rooting hormone before planting.
February 27, 2021:
The smaller clippings potted up.
April 24, 2021:
The large trunk this morning. Only one root has formed, so I scarified the base and added rooting hormone to the wounds before replanting.
April 24, 2021:
Arranging the trees in their new pot. The two surviving smaller cuttings grew more and established better roots than the trunk, although it remains the largest of the trees in the forest.
April 24, 2021:
The back side of the forest. I added a small mound of soil from my worm bin to promote growth. I expect all three trees to survive.
April 24, 2021:
Bonus posting – The mother tree today.

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