Willow-leaf ficus (Ficus salicifolia)

I enjoy Ficus species, and they grow well in my area. I can leave them outside year-round. This one is called a “willow-leaf” ficus after the narrow shape of its leaves.

May 17, 2020:
The tree today.
March 14, 2012:
I bought this tree online from Hirt’s Nursery in 2012. This photo was on its day of arrival.
March 15, 2012:
Potted in regular potting soil with perlite.
November 11, 2012:
The tree after a summer of growth.
September 7, 2013:
After two summers of growth.
March 2, 2014:
Starting to get serious with this tree.
May 4, 2014:
May 6, 2014:
New pot.
July 27, 2016:
Reaching for the sky.
November 23, 2016:
Branch-pruned, wired.
March 25, 2017:
Spring growth.
August 29, 2017:
Another summer of growth.
August 19, 2017:
A mess of roots.
August 19, 2017:
August 19, 2017:
Placed in its current pot.
October 2, 2017:
Continue with clip and grow.
June 29, 2018:
Spring leaves are a rich copper color.
May 16, 2020:
The tree yesterday with new spring growth.
May 16, 2020:
The tree yesterday after branch-pruning.
May 16, 2020:
Pruned branches planted as new cuttings.

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