New pot for a Port Jackson fig! (Ficus rubiginosa)

Last weekend I repotted my Port Jackson fig from terra-cotta into a proper Japanese bonsai pot by Koyo. I started developing this tree from a sprig in January, 2015. For a progression of the tree from then to August 2020 see:

April 17, 2021:
The tree today in its new pot.
January, 2015:
The tree when first purchased in 2015.
April 11, 2021:
The tree last weekend before defoliation and repotting. I had let the leaves grow large over the winter.
April 11, 2021:
The back side of the tree.
April 11, 2021:
April 11, 2021:
Pruned branch-tips as new bonsai starts.
April 11, 2021:
Preparing the pot.
April 11, 2021:
April 11, 2021:
April 11, 2021:
Nice fit in pot.
April 11, 2021:
Single wire to stabilize the tree in the pot.
April 11, 2021:
The repotted tree last weekend. The wire on the trunk was to help fuse a small branch that split from the trunk to it. This weekend I replaced that wire with more substantial wiring and added a subtle curve to the upper trunk.


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