Pomegranate (Punica granatum)

I still consider most of my trees to be pre-bonsai. I have a couple that have developed over the years into what I consider “bonsai”, or at least “near-bonsai”. This tree is the first one that I purchased in a state of development that I would call already a bonsai. I bought it from from Brussel’s bonsai, Mississippi, last September. After overwintering it and waiting for it to leaf out this spring, I slip-potted it today into a Japanese pot purchased from Bjorn at Eisei-en nursery in Tennessee. The internet can be a wonderful thing.

April 3, 2021:
The tree today.
September 17, 2020:
The tree on the day it arrived.
September 29, 2020:
Settling in.
November 4, 2020:
Losing its leaves for winter.
December 19, 2020:
Winter provides the opportunity to assess the tree’s structure. Although it does not look like an old tree I like its design and think I can develop it further into an older-looking tree in the next couple of years.
January 23, 2021:
Budding out for spring after a brief winter break.
February 12, 2021:
Another possible front.
February 20, 2021:
Flame on!
March 2, 2021:
The tree a month ago.
March 18, 2021:
Letting the new growth do its thing.
April 3, 2021:
The tree this morning. I decided to slip pot it into a larger container to encourage growth. It is probably too late in the season to do any root work for now but I expect to get good growth this summer.
April 3, 2021:
Speaking of roots, these look pretty good. The tree was potted in a mixture of organics and grit. I will start transitioning it to my mix of scoria, pumice, and akadama but will leave the root ball intact with its original soil for this repotting.
April 3, 2021:
The new pot and bonsai soil. In this larger container I expect the tree will be able to put on more trunk and branch growth relatively quickly.


  1. Thanks! I think the trunk is the tree’s best feature. The branches are a bit swirly so after growing them out to fatten everything up for a year or two I think I will cut them back shorter.


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