Madagascar Baobab (Adansonia madagascariensis)

Six of the nine species of baobab found worldwide are native to Madagascar. This is one of them, also called a “monkey bread tree” even though there are lemurs but no monkeys in Madagascar. Go figure.

I bought the tree online from Bonsai Collectibles located in Lancaster, California in 2013. It arrived on May 23 of that year.

November 9, 2019:
The tree today.

May 23, 2013:
The tree being repotted upon arrival.
May 24, 2013:
A rough first day.
October 2, 2013:
Better after a summer of growth.
March 14, 2014:
I keep baobabs inside as regular nighttime temperatures fall below 50 degrees F, from about early December to early March. I don’t water them during this period. The leaves on this tree were left over from the previous summer.
July 12, 2014:
New summer leaves sprouting.

July 22, 2014:
Leaf growth in 10 days.
August 15, 2014:
The tree in mid-summer.
November 23, 2014:
Inverse taper at base.

January 31, 2015:
January 31, 2015:
Repotted a bit deeper in a larger pot. I moved the tree back and forth from inside the house depending on nighttime temperatures during this period.
February 8, 2015:
The tree on an outside day in the bonsai garden. I hold off on watering until new leaf growth appears.
October 25, 2015:
The tree in autumn.
July 9, 2017.
July 30, 2017:
A poor attempt at wiring a gangly tree.
April 14, 2018:
Occasional branch-pruning.
April 13, 2019:
Still gangly.
April 13, 2019:
Trunk chop.
April 13, 2019:
Removed from pot.
April 13, 2019:
April 13, 2019:
April 13, 2019:
April 21, 2019:
The redesigned tree.

July 18, 2018:
New growth on the way. I will attempt to keep new growth in the future as close to the trunk as possible. I’m unsure of whether or not I will keep the first branch. Right now I like it as a back branch instead of off to one side as shown here.

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