Gumbo limbo baby (Bursera simaruba)

I have had good luck starting gumbo limbo bonsais from large cuttings off of my first gumbo limbo (see for a progression of the parent of today’s tree). Google “gumbo limbo living fence posts” to see how well large cuttings of this species can develop when the conditions are right.

August 23, 2020:
The newly repotted tree today with a rock to help stabilize it until new roots form.
September 23, 2018:
The tree as a cutting removed from its parent tree.
July 21, 2018:
The tree established in its pot the following summer.
August 4, 2018:
The tree from the opposite side.
August 23, 2020:
The tree earlier today.
August 23, 2020:
Branches wired. Although it doesn’t show in this photo, the wiring gave the tree a better three-dimensional balance.
August 23, 2020:
Removed from pot.
August 23, 2020:
Soil removed. Is that root a feature or a flaw?
August 23, 2020:
Trying the tree with its existing root base in different pots at different angles.
August 23, 2020:
I decided the angled root was a flaw, and removed it, leaving less than half the original root ball. Gumbo limbos are pretty tough, and given that this one started as a rootless cutting I think it will be okay.
August 23, 2020:
I went with a Chuck Iker pot and wired the tree in.
August 23, 2020:
The tree without its stabilizing rock.
August23, 2020:
What about that pesky root? Throw it away?
August23, 2020:
The start of a new tree! I’ll keep both trees in the shade for a week or two until new roots begin to establish.

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