Kurrajong (Brachychiton populneus)

An Australian native, the kurrajong or bottle tree was used by Aboriginal peoples for food and fiber. This tree was originally gifted to me by Bonsai Collectibles included with an order of several other trees.

August 1, 2020:
The tree today.
May 25, 2013:
The tree two days after receipt from Bonsai Collectibles and repotting.
August 8, 2014:
The tree during its second summer. The leaf shape changed and the root base developed an unattractive reverse taper.
October 14, 2014:
Good vertical growth, thin with a snaky base.
February 1, 2015:
Bare-rooted for second repotting.
February 1, 2015:
The tree in its new pot.
April 19, 2015:
New growth.
May 15, 2015:
Still very thin after two years.
October 28, 2015:
An odd-looking tree.
October 29, 2015:
Begin training with raffia and wire.
November 14, 2015:
On its way.
February 6, 2016:
Rewired the tree. During this rewiring I twisted too hard and broke the trunk but the tree recovered.
March 24, 2016:
Spring. This tree keeps its leaves year-round, gradually replacing them over the summer.
May 1, 2016:
Removed the wire and raffia.
August 6, 2016:
A strange little tree with new growth.
May 21, 2017:
Repotted into a larger pot. This one needs to grow!
May 21, 2017:
December 10, 2017:
Wired more aggressively.
September 15, 2018:
The tree straightened when the wire was removed.
September 15, 2018:
More wire!
June 6, 2019:
The tree beginning to form.
May 17, 2020:
The tree earlier this spring.
August 1, 2020:
The tree today from the opposite side.

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