Eastern redbud (Cercis canadensis MNC Lavender twist)

I bought this tree at Walter Anderson’s in San Diego on February 28, 2021.

April 22, 2023:
The tree today
February 28, 2021:
The tree after purchase a little over two years ago.
March 1, 2021:
Trunk chop. I bought the tree for its trunk. The flowering was a bonus.
May 6, 2021:
The leaves are large. This tree will probably be best as a bonsai in winter and early spring before leafing out. There is another variety, C. Cercanadensis var. mexicana, that is supposed to have smaller leaves. I may want to get one of those in the future.
June 5, 2021:
The leaves are really large.
June 20, 2021:
Crazy large.
June 20, 2021:
Branch and leaf-pruned.
July 17, 2021:
A mix of aging leaves and new growth in summer.
March 6, 2022:
The tree on the bonsai benches, just beginning to set flower buds for spring.
April 30, 2022:
The start of a new growing season.
February 12, 2023:
The tree put out long branch extensions in 2022.
February 12, 2023:
Time for a repot.
February 12, 2023:
Bottom half of root ball removed.
February 12, 2023:
Odd roots, but I left them intact. I’m unsure of how this species responds to heavy root work.
February 12, 2023:
Preparing the pot.
February 12, 2023:
March 26, 2023:
The tree settling in to its new pot.

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