Crabapple (Malus sargentii ‘Tina’)

I have seen apple trees developed into really nice bonsai. I have several that have come up voluntairily from seeds in the kitchen compost I was using for fertilizer, but they are still immature and none of them have bloomed. I bought this crabapple in June of last year from Evergreen Gardenworks. This spring it is putting on a nice show.

May 7, 2022:
The tree today.
June 10, 2022:
The tree when I acquired it last spring.
July 24, 2022:
I slip-potted it into recycled bonsai soil in a terra cotta pot shortly after obtaining it, retaining some of the original soil around the roots.
January 15, 2022:
Winter dormancy showing the structure. I haven’t decided on the final structure or even which side of the tree is the front yet.
January 15, 2022:
Good time to shorten some branches.
March 19, 2022:
The tree began leafing back out and flowering in March. I will probably eventually shorten the central trunk ut I want to allow it to develop a bit more before making decisions about overall structure.
April 19, 2022:
I put some movement into the lower branches with wire.
April 19, 2022:
The tree from another angle.
May 7, 2022:
The tree today from another side. I will wait until at least it stops blooming and maybe another year or two before making structural decisions.


    1. Thanks! Yes, it is the one gallon container. I have a couple of varieties of crab apple here in San Diego. So far none have really taken off, although none have died. I think they


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