Engelmann oak (Quercus engelmannii)

Englemann oaks are native to southern California and northern
Baja. Much of their original core habitat has been lost to
urbanization. Their conservation status is considered vulnerable.

I bought this tree from California Botanic Garden in Claremont,
California on December 28, 2019. The gardens are beautiful and I
recommend a visit to anyone interested in seeing examples of a variety of California oak species at a single location.

April 23, 2022:
The tree today.
December 28, 2019:
The tree the day the oak was purchased.
January 25, 2020:
I studied the tree without working on it for the first month I had it.
February 1, 2020:
Prepared for its first pruning.
February 1, 2020:
I removed over half its foliage.
February 1, 2020:
Preparing to repot.
February 1, 2020:
Abundant roots.
February 1, 2020:
February 1, 2020:
February 8, 2020:
The tree as a pre-bonsai.
May 16, 2020:
New growth.
May 16, 2020:
Creating curves in lower shoots with wire.
May 16, 2020:
Engelmann oaks are deciduous, replacing last year’s leaves with new leaves early in the growing season.
May 23, 2020:
Rapid new growth.
July 18, 2020:
New growth continues into July.
September 19, 2020:
No new growth in fall.
March 28, 2021:
Beginning a new season.
July 10, 2021:
In July I noticed several of my oaks’ new leaves appeared to be being eaten. Careful inspection of all my oaks showed the culprit. Can you see it attached to a branch near the center of this image?
July 10, 2021:
California oakworms (Phryganidia californica)! I picked them off one by one by hand.
November 21, 2021:
Fall pruning and branch selection.
December 31, 2021:
Repotting on the last day of the year.
December 31, 2021:
Nice root spread.
December 31, 2021:
New bonsai pot.
December 31, 2021:
Wired into the pot.
December 31, 2021:
The tree at year’s end.
April 9, 2022:
The tree with a new season of leaves.

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