Torote (Bursera filicifolia)

Bursera filicifolia, common name torote, is a dry tropical forest species from Baja California. It is related to Frankincense, myrrh, and copal. The leaves and sap are fragrant.

February 16, 2019:
The tree today.
March 19, 2012:
The tree as purchased from Living Stones Nursery in Tuscon, Arizona.
April 17, 2012:
Potted and sprouting on the bonsai bench.
June 2, 2012:
Spring growth.
August 9, 2013:
Summer growth a year later.
December 18, 2013:
A bit of fall color.
March 30, 2014:
Repotted on a saucer to improve the nebari.
October 20, 2014:
Summer’s growth after repot.
April 9, 2016:
Second bare-rooting.
April 9, 2016:
Branch-pruned and repotted. Possible front.
May 14, 2016:
Another possible front.
August 19, 2016:
Summer growth.
February 11, 2017:
Winter two years ago.
July 20, 2017:
Tree on the bonsai benches with new growth sprouting.
July 26, 2017:
Growth one week later.
August 22, 2017:
Summer growth. The tree to the left is Bursera microphylla, another species in the genus. Unfortunately that tree died after a couple of years. The Ficus to the right is the subject of the January 11 entry on this blog.
March 10, 2018:
Developing a nice patch of weeds.
November 3, 2018:
End of the growing season.
February 16, 2019:
Even weeds can bloom! In a couple of weeks I will repot this tree into a slightly bigger pot.

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